Thrown With Care…

…In Dummerston Vermont

Welcome to Vermont Pottery Arts!
 I’d like to take a quick moment to introduce myself, owner of Vermont Pottery Arts. I began throwing pottery many years ago and fell in love with it. What an honor to know someone’s loved one is being laid to rest in one of my creations! I find that my best work seems to revolve around nature.
All urns are ‘thrown with care’ in my home studio in Dummerston, Vermont using stoneware clay. I have confidence that you will find my work appealing and thank you for your patronage.
In addition to urns I also make various household and decorative items. Please click here to visit my Etsy shop!
Since every vessel is hand-thrown, sizes, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Approximate capacity is 200 in³. Lids may be permanently sealed with epoxy (found at your local home goods store) or temporarily sealed with 3M putty. Matching keepsakes available upon special request.


Funeral Directors: Please contact Melissa at Vermont Pottery Arts for wholesale pricing.
Melissa Clark, Owner/Pottery Artist
(802)387-5837 or (802)579-2887

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